This is a list of organizations and individuals we have worked with in the past...

  • Sioux Empire Housing Partnership

  • Sioux Falls Diversity Council

  • La Voz TV

  • Avera Health

  • Bobby Flay / Food Network

  • Ebay

  • PayPal

  • Univision / Telefutura

  • La Grande 1010

  • Microsoft

  • deLatino Interactive

  • Media Melon

  • Mark Levine

  • DJ Cane

  • Banda Limon

  • Sonora Dinamita

  • Voces del Rancho

  • UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau

  • Point Richmond Music ORG

Many more...





“Alejandro is an innovator and creative genius. His has a clear understanding of the social media and video production and editing marketplace. Alejandro spearheaded the viral video project for de Latino Interactive, and executed it perfectly; on time and on budget. I would recommend Alejandro to any prospective employer or as a consultant. He has very high integrity and is very reliable, personable and an expert in his field.” April 23, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Amir Daliri, CEO deLatino Interactive

“I previously worked producing an shooting the music variety show "Musica en Casa" in which Alejandro was Host/EP, and had a great time doing it. Alejandro is an extremely easy to work with professional, and had each of his thoughts well planned out. He knows how to work with a number of round-table ideas and how to delegate the best of them to use. I would love to work with him again.” April 27, 2010

Roberto Kalafate, Online News Producer, CBS

 "I had the chance of working with Alejandro Ramirez in the recording of a music video where I was recruited as talent. 
Alejandro' s work ethic, timeliness, professionalism and creativity proved to be a very rewarding experience. I would recommend Alejandro to anyone who desires to hire a hard-working and talented professional."

--Melissa, Professional Model